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November 25, 2012

Dearest Family,

I just have to start out saying that this week really has been one of the greatest weeks of my life!  I know that I will never be able to tell you everything that has happened this week, but I will try my best!  So, we had to help out with the transfers on Tuesday, and they went okay.  It was a little stressful. The Schmidts did the presentation to the new missionaries on the finances, and they did a great job! 

On Wednesday, we went to President's house to learn our responsibilities and to see what he wanted us to do.  We will be working with the zones in the south, so we help them with basically whatever!  We do intercambios with areas that are struggling, work with the zone leaders, all of that fun stuff, and the most exciting thing--we work in an area!  :)

So Wednesday, we met with President, and we were off to Azua!  We got there really late, got set up, planned and went to bed.  On Thursday, we headed off at 6:30 to Barahona to do an intercambio with some missionaries out there.  We had to take Elder and Sister Brown out to a place called Casa Bonita to meet up with President Glazier (the CCM President), to go on a little vacation!  Just look it was pretty dang sweet!  Anyway, then we went back to Barahona and did an intercambio.  I really like doing intercambios because every time I learn a ton from the missionaries!  It is amazing how every missionary has their own way of teaching, and I can always learn something from them! 

On Friday, we had THANKSGIVING!  Yes, the Browns cooked us turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, all of the vaina!  It was delicious--so yes, I enjoyed the Thanksgiving spirit!  And then, I got to leave and go visit San Juan, which is a beautiful city! 

Well, this week, I'm grateful for you guys.  Grateful for your love, your support, and everything that you do for me!  But, this week I am grateful for missionary work.  These past few days I have been on cloud 9 1/2.  I feel like even though I wasn't teaching much in the office, I learned to be a better missionary.  I have felt joy indescribable in these last few days, and I know that it is the joy of helping the children of God.  I know that the Lord loves each and every one of His children, and that we have the responsibility to share the gospel with each and every one of them!  I know that sometimes the Lord tests us, gives us challenges, but for our benefit!  I know that I will still have challenges, but I also know that the Lord can always give me the strength to overcome them! 


Elder Reeder


Answers For Mom:

Elder Chinchilla is a great missionary, he only has 10 months, but he is doing great.  We will work together extremely well!  Azua is great!  It is a straight up campo!  I love it...I feel more at home...less noise...humble is sweet!  Sorry, I don't have pictures because I let the Browns use my camera because theirs broke, and they are almost going home, so this week I will get on that!  We live with the zone leaders from Azua right now, but we will move into the Brown's house when they leave.  I didn't take my Hilux with me, but I brought an Isuzu DMAX.  Yeah, I drive a duramax...but its just a little duramax.  I have been walking a ton in my area, though, and it feels great...I also am getting tan again...I was a freaking whitie!  Yes, I have met all of the above...I have visited all of the zones, and it has been a great experience.  It has been weird to "preside" meetings.  We work with about 100 missionaries.  Yes, I will do splits with them...Elder Gatherum is in the for now I won't be able to work with him. 
Thanks for sending Elder Batista a will mean a lot to him!  He doesn't have a brother in this mission....I bet that he just flubbed up his English...he has two brothers who have served missions.  Thanks for going to Zayn's homecoming...He is a stud.  I'm sure he did great.  
I also don't have a the office we had a "P-Day", but now we don't have p-day...but I think I will write Sundays or Mondays.  Thanks for everything mom!  

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