Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Letter For The Week

January 28, 2013

Dearest Family,

How are you guys?!  I hope that everything is going good.  As for me, things are going really good!  We had a really good week, one of the best of the mission for me!  I wanted to start out with something that happened last Tuesday.  Tuesday we were leaving the Distribution Center (which is on the temple grounds), heading out to Azua when we saw something really interesting.   The temple was closed for cleaning, and they had scaffolding and everything up to clean the Angel Moroni, it was quite a sight.  But what really impacted me, was when I saw a couple of men down by the temple with all of the chairs from the celestial room, you know those big comfy ones that couldn't possibly get dirty?  Well one was hand sanding down all the wood, another was there with a paintbrush painting the white, and another with an even finer brush painting the gold accents.  It was amazing to see the concentration and careful work that each of these men was doing.  It also made me think about the things that are found within the temple--they are always perfect.   If there is a problem, it is fixed right away.  Even if something isn't visually damaged, proper maintenance work is done.  I think it is really a lot like us.  To enter the temple we need to be 100% ready.  If there is a problem...we have to fix it to be worthy to be in the house of the Lord.  If we need to "sand down our paint and put on a new coat", we need to do it!  The temple is to help us improve, but we always need to be worthy to enter such a sacred place.

Cool experience #2.  On Saturday a woman that Elder Chinchilla and I taught in our last Branch was baptized!  It was awesome to have been able to participate in that, and to see her be baptized!  The missionaries that are there asked us to go help them fill up the font, because the pump in their chapel burned up.  So we took our buckets and headed over to fill up a font with buckets.  When we got there, we decided to try and do some redneck engineering so that we could fill it up a little more efficiently than with buckets!  Well a roll of duct tape and a few plastic bags later, we were ready to try it out.  It was then that we decided to say a prayer asking our Father in Heaven to somehow allow our garden hose to accept the pressure of a huge water line.  We then opened the valve and poof....somehow it stayed together!  Some call it luck, others know it was a blessing from the Lord!  Anyways, the font filled up just fine, and we took advantage of the time to clean the chapel.

We have quite a few investigators that are really progressing now!  Marcial and Elena (Familia Guzman) continue progressing.  His only doubt is that he was baptized in another church and doesn't think he needs another baptism, but we are helping him understand the importance of being baptized by someone who has authority.  We are also teaching Cristobalina, an older woman whose husband was a member and died about 4 months ago.  She says she feels a "power" when she reads the book of Mormon and is really excited about how she feels!

I got called out to give a talk yesterday.  I'm getting pretty good at preparing talks on the spot, but keep that on the down low so that they don't think they can do that when I get home.  Remember, the church is true!  With the Lord we can do anything!

Hmmm, I think that's about it for now!!

I love you guys!  I hope that you have a great week!


Elder Reeder



Elder Riley Ted Reeder
La Iglesia De Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Últimos Días
La Misión Santo Domingo Oeste, República Dominicana 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Week, Another Experience!

January 21, 2013

My Dearest Family,
Well family, there isn't too much news for this week!  This week we got the chance to do more house checks...not really that exciting!  But, we did get to go out all over the south, which is always an adventure.  I kinda feel like a truck driver, I feel like all I do is drive and drive and drive!  So I guess if I drop out of college, I could be a truck driver maybe?  We also moved a house of 4 elders in 2 trips with a Toyota truck...I guess I could also be a mover?  We moved 4 beds, 2 desks, a washing machine, a stove, 2 dressers, and 8 one trip!  When in La Republica Dominicana, do as the Dominicans do! 
We are teaching a way cool family right now, and they are progressing really well!  They are the family Guzman.  They have a son who is a returned missionary, but they never accepted the gospel.  The first time we invited them to church, they came, and they loved it!  (Of course they did, Elder Nelson spoke!)  They really want to follow God, and they are willing to do what He asks!  They have received the "seed" of a testimony, and feel as if the Book of Mormon is true, and that José Smith fue un profeta!  It is great to work with a family like them.

The conference that we had on Sunday for the Caribbean area really was an amazing experience.  I could feel that the messages were directed perfectly for the people, and for me, and it strengthened my testimony of the importance of living prophets.  Elder Zwick, President Beck, and Elder Nelson all talked, and it really was an amazing experience.

Today I feel like the Lord has answered my prayers.  These last 8 months have been quite exhausting, and today during our meeting with President, he said that at the end of this transfer (Middle of February) "it's possible" that I might get to "rest" from my labors here in the office and as ayudante!  It is not positive, but it is a possibility!  As much as I am grateful for my experiences and the countless things I have learned, I'm also ready to focus on an area, investigators, and my spiritual growth to finish things off.  But like always, I'll go where you want to me to go, Dear Lord.  Only time will tell!!

Well family, I'm grateful for you guys!  I'm grateful for your support, your love, and most of all that I got sent to such an awesome family!  I love you guys more than you can imagine, and I pray for you individually every single day.  I know Christ lives, I know that He is our Savior and Redeemer, and I know this is the only true church upon the face of the earth!  What more can I say?


Elder Reeder

Otra semana en la lucha! (Another Week in the Fight)

January 14, 2013

Dearest Family!

It was great to hear from you all!  I'm happy that you are all doing good.  Sorry that I didn't write last night, we got into Santo Domingo a little late, and we started working on numbers and things and the time went right out the window. 

Mom, you asked to tell you a little bit about what we do on Sunday!  Well, usually we get up, study a little and head out to look for investigators to take to church with us.  Then at church, we do whatever is needed!  If they need people to speak in sacrament meeting, the missionaries!  If they need a teacher in a class, the missionaries!  It is pretty sweet, we have the chance to learn all sorts of stuff!  Now, I'll be prepared if they ever call me out of the audience to speak at home, ha ha.

After church we usually run (almost literally) home to cook up some grub!  Elder Chinchilla and I have been experimenting with our cooking skills, and we invent some pretty good stuff!  You would be proud of all the food I like now-a-days!  Anyways, then we eat and prepare to take the numbers from the zones in the south.  We take all of their "key indicators" and their progressing investigators that have baptismal that takes a couple of hours.  Then we go running out the door to the visits that we have, then at 6:00 we have Branch Mission Meeting, and then its off to Santo Domingo!  When we get to Santo Domingo, we have to put all the info in the computer and send it to President and to Salt Lake...quite the process.  So that's a Sunday for us.  :) 

I just about died laughing at what you told me about Spencer (his red trousers)!  Who would have thought?  Well, I don't know what it is about the mission that does that, but I might have that same trend....ha ha.  I wear my clothes a little more snug now as well!  I'm still betting on a Marshall-Burt wedding, but I guess that only time will tell!!

Last week was a good week!  We checked some missionaries' houses, and we had interviews!  This transfer we have interviews with President, so we did that on Wednesday.  I was the last person for him to interview, so he did his normal questions and then we just took time to talk.  It was really fun to share some experiences with him, and to talk about my personal progress in the mission.  President shared an experience that was really special to me, he said "I know that I have put some heavy responsibility on your shoulders, but the Lord called you.  When I received the revelation to call you to the office, it was one of the most clear revelations I have received."  It really made me realize that even though sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed, the Lord never assigns us to do something that we aren't capable of doing.  He then told me that even though I couldn't see it now, that he was sure that my family was receiving the blessings right now, and that one day, I will see the blessings!  I know that he wouldn't have told me that if it wasn't true, and I am extremely grateful that the Lord is blessing you, and that makes it all worth it. 

Like I said last week, I really have been focusing on the attributes of Christ, and more specifically humility.  I had an interesting experience that taught me a powerful lesson.  I have always asked myself, how could Satan rebel against God?  How could he, being one of the chosen ones, living in the presence of his father, choose to rebel?  I knew it was because of his pride, and his desire to have the glory, but I still couldn't quite wrap my mind around it.  The experience I had is simple...Last week we were in the office when someone commented on a project that was done in the office, and another Elder said, "Thanks, I did that!"  Well, in truth, I had done it, and in that moment, I felt something extremely strange.  I felt a little bit frustrated that someone was taking credit for something that I had done.  In that moment someone turned the switch and DING--DING--DING.  I realized, that is how Satan fell.  It really made me think about myself and people in general.  The natural man is prideful.  The natural man wants all the glory.  The natural man wants the attention.  But, the natural man is el enemigo de Dios, y lo será siempre jamas!  (Sorry, I really don't know how to quote scriptures in English any more, but it's how that natural man is God's enemy, and will always be.)  What I learned is that it doesn't really matter if we receive the congratulations, the thanks, or the "glory".  What matters is that we do what our Father has commanded us.  I know that if we aren't humble, like a small child, we cannot be worthy to live in the presence of our Heavenly Father.  But at the same time, if we are humble, we will be able to further develop the attributes of Christ and we will be able to truly be His disciples!

That's my story for the week.  :)

Anyway, we have a few investigators that are progressing, and we feel good about their progress.  I'm loving life here in the mission!  I love my companion, my area, I just love that I still have time to serve the Lord and the great people here.  The church is true!!  Keep the commandments, and be happy!!


Elder Reeder

Elder Riley Ted Reeder
La Iglesia De Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Últimos Días
La Misión Santo Domingo Oeste, República Dominicana

Please...Excuse My Tardiness

January 7, 2013

Dearest Family,

I write you this fine Monday morning from Santo Domingo....enjoying some cooler temperatures!  Wahoo!  Sorry for not writing last night, we didn't come into town until early this morning, and for that I am writing you all today! :)  This week has been very enjoyable--just like every week in the mission.  Last week we welcomed in the New Year singing (quite loudly--but still reverently), HYMNS!   So, Los Cacicazgos, and President Danilo, welcomed in the new year listening to the Elders sing hymns!  How exciting is that?  Well, we got back to Azua on New Year's day, and honestly, there wasn't too much to do, because everyone was hammered.  The scent of alcohol hung in the air.  It was interesting to see the "day after".  It made me happy that we can enjoy and celebrate things without the corruption of the world....Alma said it best, "Wickedness never was happiness."  

On Thursday, it was back to Santo Domingo again for Zone Council, where we and all the Zone Leaders meet with President to get trained and to talk about the goals and things for the month.  It was a good experience, even though I must admit my eyes were a little droopy after 9 hours there.

I was thinking a little bit this week about the mission, and I started to think about my personal progress.  I was thinking, gee whizz, I have basically 19 months out here.  Have I become what the Lord wants me to be?  Do I have His image in my countenance?  I really began to ponder on that, and I began to think about what I really want to be my focus for the last 6 months of the mission.  I came to the conclusion that I really want to take advantage of these last 6 months to become more Christlike.  It has become my goal to be able to develop the characteristics that Christ has, and to really become like him.  I know that that is the best thing that I can possibly take home from the mission.  I want to be a true representative of Christ, by becoming like Him.  It is not enough to just wear the badge.  I really have to be like Him. 

On Friday, we were able to head out to Barahona to go to their Zone Meeting and do an intercambio with the Zone Leaders.  We were able to share a little bit with them, and we really just wanted to help them understand the importance of being united.  United in everything that they do!  The scriptures say "si no sois unidos, no sois mios", and I really know that is true! 

I'm grateful for the chance to fast.  I have learned to love fasting on the mission.  It really is such a blessing, and helps us to be sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit. 

Well family, I think that's all for this week!  I'm thankful for everything that you do for me, and I pray for you each and every day!  I hope that 2013 starts out great and is a great year!  :) 


Elder Reeder

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Feliz Navidad, y año nuevo!

December 30, 2012


Well family, it was great getting to talk to you all last week!  I hope that the rest of your Christmas week was great!!  As for me, it was an interesting week.  I don't remember if I told you in the phone call, in the transfers, they changed us to a different Rama in Azua!  Everything stayed the same, they just sent us to a different branch.  I was disappointed, but I just sang "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord".  So anyway, we got back to Azua, and had to go say goodbye to everyone!  It was crazy to realize how good of friends we had made with lots of people in such little time.  I don't know if I told you guys about the less active member that we were teaching.  If I didn't, I'll give a brief play by play.  One day we were contacting, we weren't having much luck, and honestly we were just kinda walking around looking for some inspiration!  Well, we ended up walking down a street, and ended up walking to a house.  At the house, we were greeted by "Elders!!", so we knew it was a member!  Well, we entered and right away we just got along good!  Well, she came back to church the first week...and we kept having really great lessons with her and her kids, and her parents!  Well, we went to visit her, and at the end we told her, well we are leaving!  At this moment she started crying as she thanked us for finding her, and helping her realize that she needed to get active again!  It was really an amazing experience to be able to see someone who really was waiting for us, and we could be an instrument in the Lords hands to help her come back to church.

Besides that, we started working our new area.  The branch needs lots of help, only about 12 were there when the meetings started today, but I'm sure that if we are obedient and work hard, the Lord will bless us!  We have found a few investigators, and we are faithful that they will continue to progress.

This week I just want to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon.  This week I have had lots of time to really just study and feast on the Book of Mormon.  I feel the Spirit so strongly as I read and apply the teachings of the ancient prophets! 

As for now,
I love you all! 
Enjoy the new year! 

Elder Reeder


Yeah, we just moved into the Brown's house and it is freaking sweet!!  IT'S LOADED!  :)  
We were just working on some stuff here in the office.  We have to go visit a zone that is giving us some we are planning that!  Guess what...a motorcycle ran into my brand new truck!!! WHAT A PUNK!!  Well I was driving in a roundabout, and I was in the roundabout, and he came flying in and caboom!!  It was quite the experience...I went before a judge!  And the dude had a lawyer and everything, they asked me who my representative was, and I said--Uh, I am!  Well, I won :)  hahahahaha  I was going like 10 kilometers an hour.  (The judge was just to resolve here is not required, but the church has it.)  Nothing happened to anyone, and it just left some rubber on our truck, and we scrubbed it off.  President just said, be careful!  Okay, the loaded apartment doesn't have air conditioning or warm water, nope, none of that....but it has pots and pans...and screens on the window....and all of the lights work!  :)

Dearest Family

December 25, 2012


My Family!

Well, I didn't write an e-mail this week, and after talking with you all, I was left with a few emotions, and things that I would like to share with you!  First of all, I love you all.  The most powerful thing I have learned as a missionary is really the love of a family.  As I have said before, I was never much of a 'say I love you' kind of guy before the mission, but I have learned the importance of those three little words.  I have felt a love for each and every one of you that I can't even describe.  I pray each and every day for your well being.  I want you to know that there is nothing in this world more important to me than our family.  The well repeated phrase that a missionary leaves his family for two years so that others can be with theirs for eternity has new meaning for me.  I ponder often on the importance of the covenants that we have made in the temple which allow us to return to the presence of God as a family.  I pray that we live worthy to receive all of the blessings that our Father in Heaven has in store for us. 

I invite you all to make a New Years resolution:  I know it is a little cliche, but hear me out.  #1. Never let a day go by without telling your family members that you love them.  Don't assume that they know you love them--tell them!  #2.  Show your love.  Take time to serve one another.  I was told that we never truly love someone until we serve them, and I have realized it is true!  Take time out to do something little for them--buy their favorite treat, help with the dishes or the wash, make breakfast, but find a way to serve them every single day.  #3.  Pray together.  A family that prays together stays together.  The Lord commanded us to pray together (3 Nephi 18:21).  Don't allow a day to pass by without praying as a family.  #4.  Look for the best in each other.  Its really easy to find faults in people.  We are all imperfect people who have faults.  Look for the good--the glass can be half empty or half full--we are who decides.  #5.  Study the scriptures together.  Scripture Power!!  I never understood the truth of that song until the mission.  Daily scripture study is vital!  #6.  Look forward with faith.  We live in a world filled with negativity.  It is hard to stay positive sometimes!  The economy is in the pits, people do bad things, where is the joy?  The joy is in Christ.  When we have true faith in Christ, we are able to look beyond the troubles and trials of this world, and into the peace and joy that comes from Christ. 

In a lesson a few days ago, I was teaching, but in turn I feel as if I was the recipient of the lesson.  We all have our challenges, weaknesses, but someday they will be our strong points, if we are humble.  My companion started talking about 2 Nephi 4.   From verse 15 on.....( I suggest reading it).  While he was reading that, I started thinking about how Nephi really humbled himself before the Lord, and was able to not only receive forgiveness, but also strength from the Lord!  And I thought of Ether 12:27-28, and how the Lord teaches us that if we are humble, He makes us strong!  And then, He teaches us about faith, hope, and charity!  Well, then I thought about Moroni 7:40-48.  I recommend studying those scriptures!  It is an interesting cycle to see how all of that hooks together and really teaches us an important lesson. 

I want you to know I am grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission.  Sometimes I look at myself and think, "Have I really become what the Lord wants me to be?"  The answer is no, but I have started down the path.  Each and every day as I study his words, I try to be a little more like Him.  To be a little more humble, a little more charitable, and a little more Christian, and I have the faith and hope that one day when I finish my mission here in the D.R., He will accept my service, and I will feel the sweet words, "well done my good and faithful servant". 


Elder Riley Ted Reeder

Dengue Survivor!

December 23, 2012

Hello Family!

Well, I'm here---alive and everything!  I officially survived dengue...and it really wasn't all too bad. 
Guess what?  I got over Dengue in 2 days....Hooray for Priesthood blessings.  Yep, I got a blessing from my companion on Sunday, and he told me that I would be better to be able to do what I needed to do, and I was.  It was amazing.  Hey guys, I'm planning on skyping!!  Wahoo!  I'm going to do it from the Schmidts' apartment, so it is going to work like a champ!  (I hope).  I think it will be in the early afternoon here...probably like 2 or 3?  I will need your information to skype, but I will call you when we get a little closer to get it all planned out.  Love you guys, and can't wait to talk to ya!  Look what I's awesome--unbelievable!!  


Dengue Fever

December 16, 2012

Hey Guys,

Well, it looks like I'm in the same boat as you guys!  I'm looks like the dreaded dengue has got me!  So....for that...I'm not gonna write a whole lot because I'm quite exhausted honestly.  Tomorrow is the Christmas Conference, so that's a little exciting!  Besides that, not much is new.  I'm honestly still not sure what we are going to do for the phone call/skype.  It all depends if we have to come back to the capital next Monday for our meeting.  If we don't have a meeting, we will stay in Azua, and I will just call.  If we come to the capital, I would like to try and Skype because I think that would be way fun.  I will let you know what the plan is after I talk to President.  Thanks for everything!

Well, for right now, I'm just chilling here in the mission home trying to stay hydrated.  There really isn't anything anyone can do, but thanks!  I was fine until yesterday at 11:30 in the night, and I got a fever out of nowhere, and it has just gotten higher and higher.  I'm gonna have to stay here because I'm not driving back to Azua like this...and my companion can't drive!  I have a fever of 102.7, and it (dengue) just gives you headache, diarrhea, and your whole body just hurts.  It really is quite pleasant :)  Well, I can't do anything about it, so it wouldn't do me much good to complain!  You really don't need to isn't that big of a deal!  Hna. Brown is taking good care of me--thank heaven for senior missionaries!


Elder Reeder

Just Some Pictures :)

December 9, 2012

These are the famous iguanas of the D.R.!  They only live out by this great big old lake in the south...the Browns took us out there to see them.  :)  I think a more fitting name would be dragon or triceratops...!   They are crazy!  This is me pretending to not be scared...but I really think it was about to eat me! 



La Primera segunda navidad!

December 2, 2012


Well, this was another great week out in the south!  I don't quite know where to start, but I will try!  So every weekend (Sunday), we come in to Santo Domingo, and then we head back to the south on Tuesday morning.  So last week, Monday and Tuesday were quite boring--just a bunch of meetings and driving!  It was fun to come back to the office and see Elder Batista and Elder Luzon, I really love those two.  On Wednesday, we headed out to Barahona again!  This time we went clear out in the boonies to Neyba, Duverge, and all of those places!  There is basically a whole lot of go to the boonies...then you pass it by 50 miles, and there you are!  I could hardly believe that we have missionaries in those cities, because they are just so far away!  It is also so hot there...that the sun starts! 

Thursday, we had a meeting with all of the Zone Leaders to go over some of their responsibilities and to help us get acquainted with them.  It was a really fun experience.  As we were preparing the meeting, I felt as if Elder Chinchilla and I really got a lot of help from the Lord.  At first I felt kinda overwhelmed because neither of us have ever even been zone leaders, and here we had to tell them what to do!  Well, we studied really hard, and we were able to find some really good things!  One of the things that we want to improve on is how the missionaries make goals.  We are seeing that lots of missionaries just throw out numbers for goals, but they don't really have any plan of what they are going to do!  We gave this as an example..      
"For behold, this is my work and my glory--to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."
This is Heavenly Fathers goal.  He wants all of His children to return and live with Him again.  Now, imagine if He hadn't made a plan to accomplish that!  What if He had just said...this is what I want...and left it at that?  It would have been kind of hard to accomplish it.  So, Heavenly Father designed a plan, the plan of salvation, so that He could accomplish His goal of living with all of His children again!  We are really hoping to make better goals..and really have a plan to how we are going to achieve them! 

After the meeting, we headed out to San Juan to do an intercambio with the Zone Leaders out there, Elders Boswell and Stewart.  I worked with them, and my companion with the other companionship that lives in that house.  It was awesome!  I really do love doing intercambios.  It has been a huge learning experience for me.  Every single missionary has a different way of teaching the gospel, and that is what I love most.  I realize even more the importance of really becoming the best missionary that I can be.  I don't need to be anyone else.  I need to be the very best me that I can be!  I know that the Lord has sent me to this mission, and to the area that I am now for a reason!  I hope that I am able to be an instrument in His hands to help people to come to His Church. 

Yesterday, we had an interesting experience.  We were contacting, and we decided to contact a road.  We just started walking...and both walked to the same the middle of the road.  Well, we started talking, and out came a woman calling, "ELDERES!"  Whenever we hear that we know that it is a member.  Well, it turned out that she is extremely less active.  Well, we were able to share with her, and she told us that we were the answer to her prayers, and that she really needed that visit.  We then received her parents as references, and have planned to go back this week.  I am so amazed in the way that the Lord inspires us.  It almost always is in such ways so simple, that if we aren't paying attention, we just might miss it. 

I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me!  I am grateful for all of my many blessings, but especially for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am grateful for the Atonement and for the cleansing, purifying power.  I am grateful that I have been given a chance to serve a mission.  I know that it has been such a blessing in my life.  I get nervous that I have such little time left.  Sometimes I feel as if I haven't become what I need to be.  But, I hope that if I keep working, the Lord will help me to become what He desires. 

Love you guys!

Elder Riley Ted Reeder


November 25, 2012

Dearest Family,

I just have to start out saying that this week really has been one of the greatest weeks of my life!  I know that I will never be able to tell you everything that has happened this week, but I will try my best!  So, we had to help out with the transfers on Tuesday, and they went okay.  It was a little stressful. The Schmidts did the presentation to the new missionaries on the finances, and they did a great job! 

On Wednesday, we went to President's house to learn our responsibilities and to see what he wanted us to do.  We will be working with the zones in the south, so we help them with basically whatever!  We do intercambios with areas that are struggling, work with the zone leaders, all of that fun stuff, and the most exciting thing--we work in an area!  :)

So Wednesday, we met with President, and we were off to Azua!  We got there really late, got set up, planned and went to bed.  On Thursday, we headed off at 6:30 to Barahona to do an intercambio with some missionaries out there.  We had to take Elder and Sister Brown out to a place called Casa Bonita to meet up with President Glazier (the CCM President), to go on a little vacation!  Just look it was pretty dang sweet!  Anyway, then we went back to Barahona and did an intercambio.  I really like doing intercambios because every time I learn a ton from the missionaries!  It is amazing how every missionary has their own way of teaching, and I can always learn something from them! 

On Friday, we had THANKSGIVING!  Yes, the Browns cooked us turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, all of the vaina!  It was delicious--so yes, I enjoyed the Thanksgiving spirit!  And then, I got to leave and go visit San Juan, which is a beautiful city! 

Well, this week, I'm grateful for you guys.  Grateful for your love, your support, and everything that you do for me!  But, this week I am grateful for missionary work.  These past few days I have been on cloud 9 1/2.  I feel like even though I wasn't teaching much in the office, I learned to be a better missionary.  I have felt joy indescribable in these last few days, and I know that it is the joy of helping the children of God.  I know that the Lord loves each and every one of His children, and that we have the responsibility to share the gospel with each and every one of them!  I know that sometimes the Lord tests us, gives us challenges, but for our benefit!  I know that I will still have challenges, but I also know that the Lord can always give me the strength to overcome them! 


Elder Reeder


Answers For Mom:

Elder Chinchilla is a great missionary, he only has 10 months, but he is doing great.  We will work together extremely well!  Azua is great!  It is a straight up campo!  I love it...I feel more at home...less noise...humble is sweet!  Sorry, I don't have pictures because I let the Browns use my camera because theirs broke, and they are almost going home, so this week I will get on that!  We live with the zone leaders from Azua right now, but we will move into the Brown's house when they leave.  I didn't take my Hilux with me, but I brought an Isuzu DMAX.  Yeah, I drive a duramax...but its just a little duramax.  I have been walking a ton in my area, though, and it feels great...I also am getting tan again...I was a freaking whitie!  Yes, I have met all of the above...I have visited all of the zones, and it has been a great experience.  It has been weird to "preside" meetings.  We work with about 100 missionaries.  Yes, I will do splits with them...Elder Gatherum is in the for now I won't be able to work with him. 
Thanks for sending Elder Batista a will mean a lot to him!  He doesn't have a brother in this mission....I bet that he just flubbed up his English...he has two brothers who have served missions.  Thanks for going to Zayn's homecoming...He is a stud.  I'm sure he did great.  
I also don't have a the office we had a "P-Day", but now we don't have p-day...but I think I will write Sundays or Mondays.  Thanks for everything mom!  

Great News, and Great Baptism!

November 17, 2012


Hello Family,

Well, this is the short e-mail to tell you that the transfers came...and I have left the office!!!! WAHOO!!!!  I shall let you know what is going on....

I'm heading out to the campo!!!  I will be going out to Azua, to take over the work of a senior an "ayudante" 

I will be working with all the missionaries of the south, until the new couple comes, basically doing what I do now, in the south...and I will work full time in my area :) :)

Baptism today- I feel great :)

Love, Elder Reeder

Well family,

The news of today has been really exciting!  I'm extremely grateful for the things that I have learned here in the office, I know that it has helped me to be a better missionary, and more prepared for the rest of my life.  Now, I will head off to the south as an "ayudante".  It is a new position, so we are whitewashed!  We will be in charge of 5 zones, and it is going to be quite an experience!  Now I will get to know the rest of the mission--the campo!  We will come back to the capital every weekend to attend the office meetings, to get the mail for the missionaries out there, and to help the Schmidts with any questions they have.  My new companion will be Elder Chinchilla, (not a joke), who Elder Batista trained.  He is a great missionary, and I'm excited to be able to learn from our new companionship. 

Today the baptism was great.  We had a great turnout, including another investigator, and it was really a special experience.  Everyone was really excited for him, and we could really see that he was ready and excited to take such an important step in his life.  It is going to be hard to leave him, but I know that he will be in good hands with Elder Batista.  My replacement is Elder Bryner, he is from my group, and I'm sure he will learn fast and do a great job.  

Sorry this is quick.  We are really busy getting ready for transfers!  I'm really not sure when my P-Day will be, but it will be Saturday or Monday.  So if I don't write you on Saturday, I'm sorry...

Well family, 

I love you guys!  

Elder Reeder