Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 1

Today is Riley's 20th Birthday!!

Hello Family!

Well I'm sure you are wondering why I put the title One Week....well I put that because I feel like I started the mission all over again!  I'm now a greenie again.  Green Green Green.  I know I say this every week, but I learned a ton this week!  I'm now learning how the mission works-and boy is it an experience.  So here is what happened.  Monday, I got to the office at about 10 o'clock at night.  We started working right away, taking phone calls about houses, about problems, about everything!  We finally got to bed around 1 o'clock.  We were then up and at it at 4 o'clock to take a missionary to the airport.  After, we worked with transfers.  Taking people from here to there, buying food for the new missionary orientation, you name it, we did it!  I'm not gonna lie, I was a little overwhelmed.  We worked in that stuff, and in the office the whole day.  We got done at about 12 AM.  Then, it was to the airport again at 4:30!  We took all the missionaries that were finishing to the airport.  Two of my really good friends from the mission were in that group, so it was fun to get to see them off.  Thursday, we had to take a missionary to catch a bus, then to get food for a conference, then take the Zone Leaders home, and then work on Registros Bautismales, and I had to prepare the newsletter for the mission.  Yesterday, we had Zone Meeting, and we had to do car checks, and wash Presidents' cars.  And today, P-DAY!!!  Yes, this week was a little bit overwhelming--but an amazing experience. 

I really am blessed to have the opportunity to work here. I'm learning and doing things that not everyone has the opportunity to do, and I'm grateful for that.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with President Rodriguez, and the Assistants.  I really have to utilize this time and learn all that I can.  So now--what do I do in the office?  My biggest thing I'm in charge of is records.  Baptism records, vehicle records, pretty much all the records (besides the houses, my comp. does that).  I also do the English Study Program for the Latinos, and I will be learning how to do the finances because the Senior Couple who is here right now is going home in August--and they still haven't called a replacement.  The office is a pretty hectic place, but it is fun to be surrounded by such strong missionaries and leaders. 

As for mail, the mail comes right to me--we have to distribute it--so I get it really fast!  I got the package from Grandma Reeder and from Grandma and Grandpa Thomson.  Thank you all very much!  I haven't opened them yet, because well, it isn't my Birthday yet!  I really wish I had more exciting things to tell you, but I really don't.  I would just tell you about the errands that we ran, and things that we did, but that wouldn't be too exciting!  Oops, someone just called and we have to go take a missionary some money!  I will send answers to your questions, and a few more things later (I hope)!

Love you all! 
Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes! 

Elder Riley Ted Reeder

P.S.  Answers to Questions:

Yes, I'm solving computer questions!!!  The Hermana already scheduled me 3 hours to go to her house and do a bunch of stuff. 

The truck rocks!!!!!!

We alternate driving, one day him, one day me.

We cook our own food...but usually there isn't time, so we just eat bread...ha ha.  I ate a frosty the other day.  From Wendy's..... Yeah, that was a big deal.  I'm going to eat Wendy's on my birthday!

We play basketball con President every p-day at his house, and then we eat breakfast with them.  Don't know besides that.

We work with a senor couple, the Fords, in the office.

Yes, we are in charge of mail.

I do not answer the phone of the office, that is Hermana Ford, but we get about 7,000,000,000 phone calls in a day.  My Spanish vocabulary has already like doubled in a week. 

My Best Buy job really did prepare me for is so similar that it's scary.

I love you so much mom!  Thanks for everything you do, did, and I'm sure always will do for me!!!  I'm so very grateful!  I love you so much!


Friday, June 8, 2012


Hey Family!

Well, just when I find the most amazing family in the world, it's transfer time!!!  Just to let you know, I'm leaving San Cristobal.  I'll tell you where I'm going.....later!  
So last week was another amazing week!  We got Carolina all ready, and we had the baptism!  She asked me to baptize her, so I got the opportunity to do another baptism, which is always a special experience!  We were extremely nervous for her because she doesn't talk very much....but she passed the interview just fine!  Also, we saw a miracle.  I'm not joking when I say that I saw after her confirmation she is now a different person.  She went from being a shy, timid girl, to talking with everyone!  It is just more evidence that indeed the Lord blesses those who follow Him.  
The family of still golden.  They all came to Church again yesterday, and they loved it!  They are totally stoked for their baptism on the 23rd of June, and I'm hoping I will be able to return to see it!  Funny experience with them, yesterday we had a visit with them and Pedro said "Reeder, I have a question for you.  Is the mission thing required?  Because I was thinking, I'm willing to do it, but it would be kind of hard with my wife, because she doesn't work, and the kids are really young!" I about died.  We have visited him for two weeks, and he is just taking everything in.  He really is an amazing man and future Priesthood Holder.  He came to church in a white shirt and tie.....that never happens!!!  Basically, I am just super happy that the Lord allowed us to be able to find a family so prepared.  It just reminds me that indeed the field is white and ready to harvest.
So now for the news, and the reason for a short e-mail.  I got called Saturday morning with the following 3 questions:  Do you have a driver's license?  Do you know how to drive stick?  And do you know a lot about computers?  Well, I have been transferred to the Office.  I will now be working as an Office Elder.  I am not going to lie, it is extremely difficult to leave my companion and my area.  At first this area was so hard, but I learned to love it.  Especially Pedro and Josefina!  Ha ha, also Elder Cabrera has been great!  I love him so much and am grateful for what he has taught me!
I am 99 percent sure that my P-Day is now Saturday, just an FYI.  Also, Mom, I got the Birthday Package!!!  Thanks so much!!!!  I'm gonna bake that cake!!!  Thanks for the Gift Card Dad...I started drooling.  Well, I have to go pack because they are coming to get me so I can help with transfers tomorrow.  Wish me luck driving in the D.R.!!  I love you all, sorry it was so short!!! 

Elder Riley Ted Reeder  
P. S.  
Yes, I have a companion, Elder Taveras.  He is Dominican.  We will live in the Office.  Hot water and electricity 24/7, someone to wash my clothes, and a truck!  The truck is to haul missionaries stuff on transfers.  But, I will work my butt off.  I will see the entire mission.  I will visit every house in the mission.  We are in charge of all the houses....all sorts of stuff.  Basically we do whatever President says.  We are with President everyday.  

Elder Cabrera stays in San Cristobal.  Elder Leon is coming.  I don't know anything about him.  I'm hoping that he is good!  Ha ha.  Yeah, I'm more sad about leaving the family.  It is really hard to leave them.  But, I'm off to the office.  A new adventure in the mission!  Love you mom! 


May 28, 2012

Hi Family!

This week was absolutely wonderful!  Let me explain why.....  Reason 1-  We had 5 investigators in Church!  For this area it was an absolute miracle.  These past few weeks I have just been praying and praying to be able to find people who would have the desire to visit the Church, and to partake of the blessings there!  Well, last week we found a family who I think is more prepared than any I have ever seen.  They told us that the day before we came, they were talking about how they really need to find the true church so that they can be closer to God.  Then we came.  They absolutely love everything we teach, and they made the sacrifice to go to Church with their two small children.  When they got there, the ward did their part perfectly!  Everyone was so excited to see a family investigating the church that they were maybe a little over zealous to help them out!  Later, our ward mission leader told us that it was the first complete family that has been to Church in years!  It really was an amazing experience to see the ward so excited, and their desire to help this family!  I know that it wasn't anything that I did as a missionary, but rather the work of the Lord.  I know without a doubt that the Lord has people prepared to accept His Gospel.  We have a lesson with them tomorrow, and we are going to put a baptismal date with them for the middle of June.  
Reason 2- We have a baptism this Saturday!  We are going to baptize Carolina this Saturday!  She has finally opened up to us, and she is ready to be baptized!  All along she was ready, but she was so shy that she wouldn't talk to us!  (She is the niece of a member, and lives with her because she has had lots of family problems)  Anyway, because of the problems she had earlier in her life, she was extremely timid, and wouldn't talk to us.  Well, after fasting and prayer, she opened up and talked!  The first time she said the prayer was one of the most amazing moments of my life.  It truly was a humble daughter speaking with her Heavenly Father.  It was an experience I will never forget!  

Needless to say, I am hoping that I get to stay in this area.  After all the trials and everything, I was ready to leave.  Well, now I'm ready to stay!  Ha ha. We will see if the Lord lets me stay here, or if he has other plans for me!  

Anyway, elections were extremely non-eventful.  Nothing crazy happened, it was just a precaution of the mission to leave us in the house.  It sounds like all the eventful things are happening at home!  I couldn't believe the story about the shed.  Dad, I think it is time to take a saw to that shed.  I don't have very nice feelings toward that shed!  Ha ha.  I'm just glad it didn't do too much damage, that could have been a lot worse than it was!  I'm happy that the Raptor is still alive and well, and everything else as well!  Sounds like the usual this year......rain rain rain for memorial day!  Seems like every time we go camping it likes to rain! 

This week I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord, and the people here!  I remember the first time that I read the Missionary Handbook of rules, it says that our time to serve the Lord with all of our time and energy is extremely short.  I remember when I had 3 days in the mission, I felt that was the biggest lie I'd ever heard!  Two years is forever!  How would I ever make it for two years?  Well, now I understand that it is true.  It is such a privilege and opportunity to serve the Lord as a missionary.  I am so grateful for the things I have learned, but most importantly for the testimony I now have.  I know without a single doubt in my mind that this is the true Church.  It was restored by a prophet of God, and we have it to bless us!  I know that if we are faithful to the covenants we have made with the Lord, we will be blessed!  The Lord is bound when we do what He says.  I know that is true.  The Lord always tests our faith, and if we remain faithful we will see miracles!  I know that is true!  I love you all so very much!  

Elder Riley Ted Reeder


May 21, 2012

Hi Family!

I'm sure that you are all worried about me, because it is almost 6 pm and I am just barely writing!!!  Well, don't worry about me, we were just on mission wide lock down!!!  Yesterday was the Presidential Elections here, and sometimes it gets a little bit crazy, so they had us on lock down.  I'm going to be honest, I've never been so bored in my entire life!!!  When you are used to having absolutely no free time, and suddenly you have a lot, you don't know what to do!  But, I did have the great opportunity to really lose myself in the scriptures, and I learned a whole bunch!  So, this week we saw a huge miracle!  I don't know if I told you, but we were working with the wife of a less active member, and she was progressing and was almost ready to get baptized, but then got a job where she had to work Sundays.  Needless to say, we had to drop her.  Well this week, Elder Cabrera and I had the strong impression to visit them.  We almost denied it because they live in the BOONY'S!!!  Well, we went and visited them.  Her job fell through after just one week.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  I have never been so happy to hear about someone losing their job.  Anyway, she is now progressing again and has a baptismal date for the 2nd of June.  Saturday, we got stuck in a huge rain storm!!  Lucky me, I had my nifty little rubber boots from Mom!  They worked absolutely great!!!  But then it rained so hard the water came up to my knees....then they filled up with water!  Ha ha, but they really are awesome!  Thanks Mom!  Also, Mom, it would be good to have my credit card.  It is the only thing I dare use in the supermarket where I buy stuff.  Sorry, this is so short, but we got let out of the house at 5 pm, and we have to be to work at 6 pm!  I love you all so very much!  

Elder Riley Ted Reeder