Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Week, Another Experience!

January 21, 2013

My Dearest Family,
Well family, there isn't too much news for this week!  This week we got the chance to do more house checks...not really that exciting!  But, we did get to go out all over the south, which is always an adventure.  I kinda feel like a truck driver, I feel like all I do is drive and drive and drive!  So I guess if I drop out of college, I could be a truck driver maybe?  We also moved a house of 4 elders in 2 trips with a Toyota truck...I guess I could also be a mover?  We moved 4 beds, 2 desks, a washing machine, a stove, 2 dressers, and 8 chairs.....in one trip!  When in La Republica Dominicana, do as the Dominicans do! 
We are teaching a way cool family right now, and they are progressing really well!  They are the family Guzman.  They have a son who is a returned missionary, but they never accepted the gospel.  The first time we invited them to church, they came, and they loved it!  (Of course they did, Elder Nelson spoke!)  They really want to follow God, and they are willing to do what He asks!  They have received the "seed" of a testimony, and feel as if the Book of Mormon is true, and that José Smith fue un profeta!  It is great to work with a family like them.

The conference that we had on Sunday for the Caribbean area really was an amazing experience.  I could feel that the messages were directed perfectly for the people, and for me, and it strengthened my testimony of the importance of living prophets.  Elder Zwick, President Beck, and Elder Nelson all talked, and it really was an amazing experience.

Today I feel like the Lord has answered my prayers.  These last 8 months have been quite exhausting, and today during our meeting with President, he said that at the end of this transfer (Middle of February) "it's possible" that I might get to "rest" from my labors here in the office and as ayudante!  It is not positive, but it is a possibility!  As much as I am grateful for my experiences and the countless things I have learned, I'm also ready to focus on an area, investigators, and my spiritual growth to finish things off.  But like always, I'll go where you want to me to go, Dear Lord.  Only time will tell!!

Well family, I'm grateful for you guys!  I'm grateful for your support, your love, and most of all that I got sent to such an awesome family!  I love you guys more than you can imagine, and I pray for you individually every single day.  I know Christ lives, I know that He is our Savior and Redeemer, and I know this is the only true church upon the face of the earth!  What more can I say?


Elder Reeder

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