Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bear Hunters?

October 20, 2012


Dad, you are hunting Bears?!  Mom, you are hunting?  I had a nice flashback to Bill Engvall......"psssstt what time are the deer coming?" ---"I dunno, they forgot to call back to confirm the appointment!" 

Well, this week has been a little bit better!  This week we started to do house checks!  We checked all the houses in the capital, about 45 or something!  Its quite a job...I think we logged in about 700 kilometers this week!  I know that doesn't sound like much but when you factor in Dominican drivers and roads, it equals about 4000 miles!  I got to go back to Madre Vieja and check the house, and while we were there, I ran into Santo (my first baptism).  He and his family are doing great!  I also got to see a few other people from there, so that was fun. 

This week was also President's birthday, so we got to surprise him with a homemade cake!  It was pretty funny, we talked to the Hermana and snuck into his house and were waiting downstairs with the candles lit and everything, but by the time he came down the candles all burned the cake tasted more like candle!  Ha ha!  We then got to stay and talk with them for a while, so that was fun! 

This week, we had a pretty cool experience!  Finally, we were able to go talk to one of our investigators about his experience in General Conference.  He told us that he entered just a little late, and President Monson was talking, and without anyone telling him, he instantly knew it was the Prophet.  He said he felt as if he was in a room alone with the prophet, and that he was talking directly to him.  It was amazing how strongly the spirit bore testimony to him about the prophet. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about what I am grateful for.  This week I realized how grateful I am for challenges.  I have realized that my experiences in the mission recently have been quite challenging, but I'm grateful for them.  I'm grateful as it says in Ether, that God gives us weaknesses so that we will be humble, and if we are humble the Lord will make our weaknesses strong!

Also, Dengue Fever (don't know how to spell it) is now an epidemic here!  There are a lot of sick missionaries, so that's occupying much of our time!  Don't worry, I'm a professional mosquito swatter so I'm still safe!  Sounds like Mom and Dad had quite the experience with the trailer...I'm glad everyone is safe.  That's what is important.  That's awesome to hear about the new Bishopric, look out deacons quorum leader...there's a trend!  I've been thinking about Spencer a lot is he doing?  Well, family I don't have a lot of time!  Thanks for everything!  I love you all! 

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