Sunday, September 30, 2012

You might be a Mormon if... you have ever used the phrase "with every fiber of my being."

Dear Family

This week has been one full of interesting experiences!  I am training again!  This time....its just a senor couple!  The Schmidts came on Monday, and this week has been quite full!  I am not only teaching them how to do the office work, but also how to turn on a computer, right click, copy and paste, print, all sorts of stuff!  I have gained lots and lots of patience on the mission!  They are an absolutely amazing couple, and its great to have a couple more grandparents here in the mission again- we needed that!  

My thoughts are quite jumbled like always, but I'll try to get them out.  This week Elder Brimely and I have been racking our brains with ideas to try and help out the mission.  We feel like the missionaries just aren't enjoying the work- and we just really want to help them work hard-but also enjoy it!  No one wants to listen to a message from a couple of people who with weary and sad faces say- "we have a message that can change your life..."  Who wants that kind of change?  Moral of the story, we need to work hard and be obedient- but this life also isn't merely to be endured, but enjoyed!  I'm making a template of a weekly newsletter- to put things for the missionaries.... of the week....etc, if you have suggestions that would be great!  

Yesterday I had a cool experience.  I went to show the Schmidts how to deposit money in the bank account of the mission.  Well we went, did the deposit and all was well.  Well, as we left, I realized that the cajero (don't remember the English word)  put 4,000 pesos less than it really was.  Well, when I noticed that it was wrong, we said a prayer that everything would be okay, and went back inside.  Well, I went and talked to the person that helped me, and she was sure that she did it right, but I was SURE that I had counted correctly.  Well, I then was able to tell her exactly how many of each bill and coin there was.  It was over 27,000 pesos, with all of the denominations, and somehow I was able to remember how many of each and every one there was.  They then came and counted the drawer, and realized that it indeed was over 4,000 pesos, and that she had made an error.  To me it is such a simple miracle.  By myself, I could never have remembered how many of each bill and coin was in a stack of money that I counted the day before, but the Lord was able to bring it back to my memory.  It is amazing how much the Lord blesses us when we are just willing to ask!  

Our investigators are doing great!  Manuel is progressing tons!  He just loves everything that we teach him, and I think in every lesson at least he throws up his hands and says "thank you!!!  I have thought that my whole life!"  It is amazing how the gospel truly does answer the "preguntas del alma".  I absolutely love every opportunity to preach the gospel.  I think that part of the reason the Lord sent me here was to help me realize the joy that is felt while teaching the gospel, because it really brings a joy that is indescribable!  

Mom, you asked a lot of here are the answers!  I honestly don't remember who is Lakuna Elite--that was forever ago!  Sorry, don't remember!  Also, I can't believe they sent my Preach My Gospels to the house!  I told them to sent them to me here in the good ole' D.R!  If you would like to send those to me...that would be great!  But if it costs a lot, dont worry about it!  But I think the other box with the wedding announcements should be there in a week....we just have to get the pictures taken...that's the only hard part!   Hahahahaha. Speaking of weddings....who else has gotten married?  Ummm I still haven't gotten any new pants...I went looking today...but I'm just too big of a tight wad to buy anything!  I'm just washing a lot :) 

Well family, sounds like you are all high tech and staying in communication!  I want you to all know how much I love you!  I really do have the most amazing family in the world...and I cant even begin to tell you how thankful I am for you!  I hope you are all happy and well, I pray for you always!  

I love you!

Elder Riley Ted Reeder

Elder Riley Ted Reeder
La Iglesia De Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Últimos Días
La Misión Santo Domingo Oeste, República Dominicana 

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