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September 15, 2012

Hello Family!

This message is coming in a little bit late today....sorry about that!  First off, Mom and Dad, sounds like you guys have quite the road trip ahead of ya!  I hope that all goes well.  Even if they are building a house behind us....I'm not sure if I want to go home to Montana!  Hahaha.  Question....are the girls with you guys?  I'm glad you guys made it to Jon's welcome home.  I'm sure he did great!  That made me laugh way hard that he told that same joke to start out.  I remember like it was yesterday when he told that joke at his farewell!  This week has been pretty normal-lots of work!  Right now we are getting things ready for the Schmidts.  They are coming on the 24th, and we still have to get their house all ready!  I don't know too much about house contracts as it is, but in Spanish!  WOAH!  I'm learning lots of useful stuff in the mission!  

I just wanted to tell you the good news that the family that we were teaching in Independencia, all of them, got baptized!  They won't go down technically as our baptisms, but that isn't the point now is it!  I'm just extremely happy that they were able to make such an important decision to be baptized.  We have a new investigator, a reference from a member, named Manuel who is progressing really good!  The first couple of lessons he wasn't too interested, but we started asking a lot of questions, and it sparked his interest!  He is from Venezuela, and was raised in a family without religion, but he really understands!  Yesterday, in a visit, we were teaching him about the atonement and how it is important in the plan of salvation.  I decided to share from Alma 7- and invite him to be baptized. (after we read verse #14)  He responded saying he was scared, and that he wasn't sure if he could.  It was amazing how all we had to do was keep reading in verse 15 to find the words of the Lord to comfort him.  
  15  Sí, os digo, venid y no temáis, y desechad todo pecado, pecado que fácilmente osaenvuelve, que os liga hasta la destrucción; sí, venid y adelantaos, y manifestad a vuestro Dios que estáis dispuestos a arrepentiros de vuestros pecados y a concertar un convenio con él de guardar sus mandamientos, y testificádselo hoy, yendo a las aguas del bautismo. 

How amazing is that?  I know only Dad understands that, but you others can look it up!  Its amazing how the Book of Mormon answers questions.  It helps us know what we should do!  I especially love the part that says we must leave behind all sin, sin that wraps us up.  This week I was studying a talk that Jeffrey R. Holland gave, and he said when we are tempted, we must slam the door and run from it!  And, we can't leave a forwarding address!  How interesting is that?  We all have different temptations.  What tempts me, might not tempt you, and vice versa.  But, the solution is the same!  Leave it and run!!!!! I love the simplicity of the gospel.  I love that as a missionary, the more I learn, the more I return to the basics, and the more I understand, the more simply I teach.  (My grammar is going right down the tube, sorry.)  

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is what brings us happiness.  Keeping the commandments brings us happiness.  I love the talk in last conference that talks about the difference in being active in the church, and active in the gospel of Christ.  I think its good to sit back and think "am I really living the gospel of Christ, or do I just go to church every Sunday?"  I am so grateful for my Savior, Redeemer, and Friend, Jesus Christ.  I am grateful that He walked the lonely road, so that He knows how I feel when I feel alone, He walked alone, so that we don't have to.

I love my family.  I'm grateful for such wonderful parents and a great sister and brother-in-law, and a full of it niece!  I'm grateful for the examples in my life, from family and friends.  Estoy muy agradecido por todo que el Señor me ha dado, y especialmente por la opurtunidad de venir a la tierra.  

Today we went to Johnny Rockets to celebrate the big 15 months.  How weird is that? 

Other exciting things from this week.....cant think of any!  Thanks for the letters, love you guys!  

Elder Riley Ted Reeder
La Iglesia De Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Últimos Días
La Misión Santo Domingo Oeste, República Dominicana 

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