Monday, December 5, 2011

Praying for the Burt Family

Hello Family,

Well, honestly I don't even know where to start.  What I read when I got online today (that Spencer's Dad, Gary Burt, passed away) was definitely the last thing on earth I ever expected to read.  I had plans to talk about other things--but that event takes precedence over all.  First of all--express all of my love to the Burt family--all of them.  Give them all a hug for me.  Especially Daniel.  I can't even imagine that for him.  From what you said, I can see that he has truly become a man over night.   
I have been writing and deleting, writing and deleting, because I am truly in shock about all of this.  Spencer was always the strongest of all of us, in everything, but most especially in the gospel.  He has such immense strength to stay in the mission, and to do the will of his father, both of his fathers.  He is such an example to me.  All of the Burt family have always been such examples to me.  I just want them to know that I love them, and that they are in my prayers.
I am only going to share one experience from this week because, in all honesty, nothing I have to say seems important right now.  Last Monday night we passed by the house of Agapito, to see how he was doing.  (He has a problem with his head.  Two fractures, and he has to do an MRI to see if there is more damage).  As soon as Elder Hall and I were walking to the house, we both felt the need to give him a blessing.  This was something a little overwhelming to me.  I had never given a blessing in Spanish.  We walked in, started, and asked if he would like a blessing.  He said, "Of course."  Elder Hall did the anointing, and I did the blessing.  But it wasn't me who gave the blessing.  It was from his Father in Heaven.  It was the most powerful experience of my life.  Words came to my mouth, and in all honesty, I don't even remember what I said.  But I know that they were words from a loving Heavenly Father to His son.  
I know that Heavenly Father loves us.  That He is always watching over us and helping us in times of trial.  I know that he will help the Burt family through this.  I know that Gary is in a better and happier place, serving a mission side by side with Spencer.  
I´m sorry this is so short, but honestly I don't feel like talking much.  I just want you to know I feel blessed to know that my family will be together forever.  That this life isn't all.  There is more.  Jesus Christ lives.  He loves us all, and we will live as families forever because of His Gospel and His atonement.  I want you guys to know that I am fine.  Don't worry about me, just do everything you can to help out the Burts.  I love you all so much and am grateful for every one of you.  I hope that this event reminds us that we never know when we will be called back to our Heavenly Father, and that we need to always be living our lives in a way that we will be ready.  Repentance is a miracle--a miracle available to all of us.

Elder Reeder

P.S.  We are getting close to a phone call.  The way it works is I will call with my cell phone, and then you guys will call back so that it charges your phone.  I don't know if you want to look into using Dad's cell phone, or if the home phone is better.  Orange is our provider, and yeah--just something you guys might want to look into.      
Yes, Mom, I am fine.  I just wish I could call up and Spencer and talk to him.... but, I know that the best thing I can do for him is pray and fast.  I love you guys, and I really am fine.  We are going to have a baptism this Saturday, and she asked me to do it.  So, I´m getting my white clothes wet for the first time.  Other than that, I have a super funny story to tell you, but it will wait for next week, or maybe the phone call.  I love you guys. 

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