Monday, September 26, 2011


Hello Family!  

This past week has been a really good one!  The typical mission challenges, but it's been good!  After I wrote last week, we got to go to a Noche De Hogar with Michael and his family!  It was a really great experience to be able to spend this time with them, and it's always nice to have the Bishop there to provide support!  Our new Bishop is awesome.  He has helped us so much.  Our whole ward has really been helping us a lot lately.  We received eight references last week, which is a ton for this area, so that was really helpful.  References are awesome because they are so much more likely to progress.  

Unfortunately, our baptism didn't happen last week.  We could have done it, but we decided that it would be better to slow down a little bit and postpone it for the 8th.  We have four baptisms planned for the 8th.  Omar, and Santo y Flor.  Santo y Flor got married today, and they are absolutely stoked to get baptized.  They have been such a proof to me that we need to never give up on people.  They didn't attend church for 5 weeks, and we didn't drop them, because we just felt like we shouldn't.  After a lot of praying and hoping, Santo now has a work schedule that allows him to attend church.  The Lord truly answers prayers, not always on our time, but He always answers.  

We are having some trouble with some of our investigators.  Some need to get married, some just need to take that step of faith and be baptized, and some just aren't willing to do their part.  That is one of the saddest things to me in the mission.  Hearing someone testify that they know that the Book of Mormon is true, that they know all of our message is true, but they don't go to church.  They aren't willing to make that step of faith.  I think that all of us are capable of so much more, if we just take that step of faith and trust in the Lord.  

Anyways, this week we had more craziness.  The other 2 Elders in our district got super sick.  They had giardia, and all sorts of stuff, so we spent a lot of time over there because they honestly couldn't do anything!  Now to the exciting parts of the week!  

First, I got measured for my first pair of Dominican pants!  There is a Tailor in our area that is known as the best in the country, so I ordered my first pair.  I´m super excited to pick them up next week.  Mom, funny thing.....So you know how I wanted fitted shirts that were short sleeve?  We shouldn't have wasted our time.  This same Tailor is going to fit all 8 of my shirts for 400 pesos (like 10 bucks).  Fitted shirts and pants are just how missionaries dress here, it's pretty funny!  

Now to the highlight of the week.  Yesterday was Transfer Calls, so Elder Day and I went over to Elder Morgan and Elder Brimley's house to celebrate.  The celebration included STEAK FROM THE UNITED STATES, REAL MASHED POTATOES WITH GRAVY AND PEACH COBBLER.  Yes, this was probably the most epic meal ever cooked by missionaries in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission.  Scratch that, probably by any missionaries in the world.  We bought this little disposable grill thing, and I whipped up some mashed potatoes.  Brimley made the cobbler, and wow.  Delicious food!  I will send you pictures.  It may not seem like a big thing to you guys, but to missionaries here, that's as deluxe as it gets!  It was a great night.  We found out that I will be staying here with Elder Day (trainers always stay with their ¨sons¨ for 2 transfers).  Lots of changes, but I won't bore you with the details.  Sorry that half of my e-mail is taken up with the discussion of food, but that was a big deal for us!  

But anyway, this week is General Conference.  I am super excited!  We don't know how many sessions we are allowed to go to yet.  We are praying that we will get to go to all of them, but I am not super confident.  But this is such a great opportunity for us to listen to our Prophet, Apostles, and other church leaders.  Modern day revelation is one of the biggest differences between our Church and the others.  Our leaders have the priesthood authority to receive revelation, and this weekend is the opportunity to listen to them.  What a great opportunity.  The Church is true.  

I have a challenge for all of you.  Read Moroni´s promise in Moroni 10:3-5.  There are so many great promises in these verses.  One part that continually sticks out to me, are the words ¨real intent¨.  This is something I have been thinking a lot about lately.  What is real intent?  Real intent is wanting to know the truth, but also being willing to act on the answer that we receive.  This applies to all of our prayers.  We need to be willing to act on the answer that we are going to receive.  I know that if we all put Moroni´s promise to the test at least once a  week, our testimonies would be strengthened immensely.   The Book of Mormon is so amazing. I can't imagine being a missionary without this book.  The promises within it are real.  Every single person who follows what Moroni says, will receive an answer.  And if the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true Church.  Powerful book.  

I love being a missionary.  It's the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  Hands down.  But seeing the light come into peoples eyes, and the changes that occur in their lives, make it all worth it.  I love you all.  I hope you have an amazing week, and know that I am always praying for you.  


Elder Reeder  

P.S.  Answers to Mom's questions.
Yes, P-Days are fun.  We have played basketball every p-day so far.  Our zone has a lot of guys that like to play, so we go play together in the mornings, it's super fun. 

Yes, I do my own laundry, but we don't usually do it on P-Day. We do it whenever there is electricity!  Haha  When it comes on, we start running!  We have a little washer kind of thing, it's pretty funny, but it does an okay job!  

Yes, with the new President the rules are really strict.  There were/are a lot of disobedient missionaries in this mission.  They are trying to clean that up right now.  I think that's why I am here!  You know me, rule follower!    

Monday nights are just like any other night, but we try to do family home evenings (noche de hogar) because they are just fun!  

Oh and no, we're not still working in the mud.  The hurricane clean up is all done!  The Country sent in like the army and put them to work!  

If you have questions just ask them, because I really have a hard time knowing what to write, so if you asked questions that would be good!  Basically, thanks for the letters and everything, they are what keep me going!  I love you, Mom!  So much. 



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