Monday, February 4, 2013

Where's the Keys?


February, 3, 2013

I'm good...I have a sweet experience that happened yesterday.  So, wanna hear my crazy story?  Yesterday at like 7:45 we were walking and I felt in my pocket and I thought crap...where are the keys, because I always have the keys.  Well they weren't in my pocket, or my bag, or anything!  They just happened to have the car keys, the house keys, the office keys, and the church keys, so it was kinda a big deal!  Well, it also just so happened that the whole city of Azua was without electricity.  So, we went running to the sisters house to borrow their keys to the church to see if they fell out there (because we had been there earlier in the day)  Well, we got there and there was no sign of them.  So, we decided to kneel down and say a little prayer, because if we didn't find those keys we were basically SOL.  So, we went back to the house to see if we could see them from the window....and lo and behold there they were on the table...inside of the locked house...that has barred windows, and has a padlock, on a metal door, and a locked door behind that.  Impossible right?  Well, we decided to go looking for a stick to try and fish them out through the window.  Well, before we even got to the parking lot of our apartment building we saw a stick- but not just any stick, this stick happened to be a stick of curious workmanship, a 2X4 with a nice little nail sticking out of the end, perfect for fishing our keys!  Well, we decided to give it a try, so we went to the window, and lo and behold the stick was no joke exactly the 100% perfect length, and the little nail hooked up the keys and the night was saved.  The Lord answers our prayers in miraculous ways!!  It was a good reminder that the Lord really hears our prayers!  We gave the stick the name of the "palo de Efraim"  (the stick of Ephraim), and Elder Batista calls it the "Holy Wood".  But really, it was a HUGE GIGANTIC BLESSING!

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