Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just Keep Pushing Forward

Hello Family! 

This week has been slightly uneventful--sorry to say it.  We have just been working our hardest and hoping that we could see continued success.  Right now we have kind of hit a wall with lots of our investigators.  We have taught them about everything we know, and we just have to wait for them to do their part.  That is a really frustrating part of being a missionary.  Sometimes when we do everything that we can, the people still choose not to do anything!  Even when they know that it is true.  It's pretty frustrating! 

Saturday I had some pretty eye-opening experiences that helped me to understand just how blessed I am.  I have realized that every time I start to feel like the mission is hard, I get humbled extremely quickly!  In the afternoon we went to find a reference that we received from a member.  After a little searching, we finally found her!  She lives on a second floor, in a house that is far from finished.  There is just a little part in the back corner that has walls and a roof, and there she lives with her children.  She started building this house, but she was then diagnosed with cancer, and she had to halt construction to pay for her treatment.  Overall, it was just a heart-wrenching situation.  
But what I witness over and over again in the mission, is that it doesn't matter what problems people have or what they are going through, the Gospel has the answer!  And it is the same with each and every one of us.  We all have problems, challenges, and tribulations in our lives, but the Gospel always has the answer!  The plan of salvation is for all of God's children and can provide the peace, happiness, and comfort that we all need in this life!  

After this, we went to visit a less-active family in the ward.  When we got there, we could instantly see that there were problems in the house.  When I asked what we could do to help, the father told me that they didn't have any food in the house.  Once again, another heart-wrenching situation.  We were able to talk to the Bishop, and he was able to help them out.  

Moral of the story.....We are so blessed!  We have so many blessings, both temporally and spiritually.  We have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We know that families are forever, and that this life is not the end.  We have the blessings of a nice home and food on the table.  It is moments like these that always remind me of the blessings we have!  

Funny moments of the week:  We contacted a woman the other day who is in charge of the campaign efforts of "Papa" here in San Cristobal.  "Papa" is running for President in this country, and he is kind of just a dork.  Anyway, I am always just joking about Papa, and I even had a big Papa poster above my desk for a while!  But, Papa is going to go to this lady's house next Sunday!  I really am thinking seriously about going back and trying to get a picture with him!  We'll have to see if I can get a picture with Papa.  That would be pretty sweet.  Also, Elder Hall and I tried to make homemade Empanadas.  FAIL!  Dad, you should investigate a recipe for the dough...a simple one, though, because we are kind of limited on ingredients.  

Yesterday, I had my first sick day of the mission.  I ate something that didn't sit too well with my stomach.  It was quite a fight, but I was victorious.  

Anyways, I just want you to know that I love you all!  I love the mission!  I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I know that He restored His Gospel on the earth to bless us.  Pray and read the Book of Mormon everyday, go to church every Sunday, and keep your covenants.  If we do this, we will be happier than ever!  I love you guys!

Elder Riley Ted Reeder 

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