Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well I don't know if you got my last e-mail, or what's going on, but I didn't get any e-mails! I hope everything is okay at home.  Well my p-day is officially Thursday.  We got to go to the temple again this morning, this time it was in English.  That was a pleasant surprise.  The temple here is amazing!!! It is beautiful and amazingly well kept.  I will attach some pictures.  We can e-mail pictures from here so that is very nice.  I already love this place.  The CCM is like a big family.  I was wrong on my estimation from last week, there is really only probably about 20 of us here.  10 North Americanos y 10 Haitians.  It is way cool.  President Glacier is amazing, we have tons of fun, but we also learn tons.  I have learned more Spanish in a week than I learned in 3 weeks at the MTC.  I feel like someone just flipped a switch and was like okay its time to learn Spanish.  I know that was the Gift of Tongues.  I am a lot happier here than Provo, it just feels right.

The people are amazing!!!  I absolutely love the people.  They are so nice and willing to help with anything.  I have realized that I will have absolutely no problem loving the people here.  I already want what's best for them.  I have had some very cool experiences with the Haitians.  They are so amazing.  The members of the Church in Haiti are going to save that country.  They are so strong.  On Sunday we had a sacrament meeting with them in which a lot of us gave talks in our native language and then they had a translator translate them.  Wow.  Best sacrament meeting ever.  I have never felt the spirit so strong outside of the temple.  They have such strong testimonies, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to hear them.  Also, every day we play basketball outside.  We have gotten a couple of them to play with us a couple of times, and it was an awesome experience.  I can't believe how strong they are.

I'm trying to think of other things to say...Um Ashley, Hermana McEntire (don't know how to spell) is in my district now.  She is pretty funny.  We had the opportunity to go out in the city today! Wahoo! We took our suits to get dry cleaned.  I am definitely not in America anymore.  It is crazy.  They drive like maniacs!!!! I have never heard so much honking in my life! haha it was funny, exactly like it was in Jamaica.  When we got there guess how much it cost to get a suit dry cleaned? $371.....kinda deceiving, that's pesos! I got a bunch of money converted so that is pretty sweet.  We get 38 pesos per American dollar.  So I feel pretty rich, even though its not really worth much.

The food here is SO GOOD.  Nothing here is bland.  They have some of the most flavorful beef, chicken, and pork that I have ever eaten.  We eat a lot of amazing bananas, jugo (juice) and pan (bread, but not just any bread, its amazing!!!), and of course rice and beans.  I always ask for "just a little beans".  Its pretty cool because the people here are trying to learn English, and we are trying to learn Spanish, so we help each other out!  Sorry this letter is all over the place, but I don't really know what to write about.  Last thing, I forgot to bring my USB cable for my camera.  Yeah I know you wouldn't think I would forget that, but I didn't really think about e-mailing pictures.  If you could send that without it costing a million dollars, that would be great.  The address is:

Centro de Capacitacion Misional
Av. Bolivar #825,
Esquina Genesis, Los Robles
Sto.  Dgo.,  R.D.
I assume that last part is Santo Domingo Republico Dominicana (Dominican Republic)
Anyway, I am alive and well, loving it more than ever, and not starving! The only thing is they have no candy.  None  So that's the only thing I crave.  Anyway I love you all, I hope you will write next week and let me know what's going on up there.  I love you guys.


P.S. -  Pictures, one has a lizard--they are everywhere around the temple.  That big building--check out those super sketchy spiral stairs that go up 3000 feet in the air.  Yeah no way would I be going up that.  Check out all my money!!! 
And Ashley, I don't know your e-mail, please e-mail it to me so I can have it.
Oh and it's hotter than heck here. I walk outside and am soaking wet with sweat.  Gross, but true.

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